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Bamboo Shoot,Fresh Bamboo Shoot,Canned Bamboo Shoot,Pickled bamboo shoot,IQF Bamboo Shoot,Dried Bamboo Shoot,Bamboo Leaf,Fresh Bamboo Leaf,Dried Bamboo Leaf,Bamboo Pole,Bamboo Tube,Bamboo Root,Other...
was established in 1980. Our company products salted, IQF, boiled, seasoned, and canned food to Japan, US, Germany, France, Russia and other countries.  We introduced the Japanese advanced production technology, enabling the best characteristics of each product to be presented.
We supply all kinds of Bamboo Shoot food, If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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Fresh Bamboo Shoot | Canned Bamboo Shoot | Pickled bamboo shoot | IQF Bamboo Shoot | Dried Bamboo Shoots | Fresh Bamboo Leaf | Dried Bamboo Leaf | Bamboo Pole | Bamboo Tube | Bamboo Root


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Xiamen Coastline Network Technology Co,.Ltd

  • Fresh Bamboo Shoot;Canned Bamboo Shoot;Pickled bamboo shoot;IQF Bamboo Shoot;Dried Bamboo Shoots;Fresh Bamboo Leaf;Dried Bamboo Leaf;Bamboo Pole;Bamboo Tube;Bamboo Root
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